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Purchase Copyright Removal


Details on how to purchase and use copyright removal.
This guide is designed for those wanting to purchase copyright removal for a DevFuse product. Copyright removal only covers the visible copyright tag on the product and no other rights.

Free Modifications
You can view how to purchase copyright removal here.

Paid Modifications
If you haven't purchased already, in the cart and your customer centre you'll have an option to purchase a copyright removal hook. This copyright removal hook is only for paid DevFuse products and will be checked against the forum url used in the DevFuse customer centre that you entered when downloading this hook. Copyright removal is valid for all DevFuse paid products for the url you enter when downloading this product.

DevFuse products from IPB 3.1.x onwards will support the automatic copyright removal with the installation of this hook. For older versions of our software, you'll need to open a support ticket requesting instructions to manually remove the copyright.

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