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[3.3.X] Restoring Inline Sign In form


This will fix the login box not showing up after upgrade.
After upgrading to 3.3.0, you may notice that the Sign In link doesn't show the pop-up anymore.

To fix this:[list=1]
[*]Log into your Admin CP
[*]Click on "Look and Feel" > "Manage Template Sets"
[*]Click on the name of the template set you wish to edit
[*]In the left hand menu, select 'globalTemplate' under 'Global Templates'
[*]In the HTML code, scroll down until you see the following code right at the end of the template
<if test="includeLightboxDoReal:|:$this->settings['do_include_lightbox_real']">
{parse template="include_lightbox_real" group="global" params=""}

Add directly below it
<if test="!$this->memberData['member_id']">
{parse template="inlineLogin" group="global" params=""}

Save and Repeat with any other skins that has been affected.

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