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DevFuse Support Options


A detailed overview of how to get support for DevFuse products.
[b][size=5]Why Directed Here?[/size][/b]

Due to the number of modifications, different types of modifications, number of customers/members and the way some mods are sold (DevFuse & IPS Marketplace options). DevFuse supports some modifications in different ways, allowing support to be prioritized and for your support questions to be answered faster. If directed here, please check the relevant section below which applies to you.

[b][size=5]Free Modifications[/size][/b]

Each free modification has it's own support topic, you can find these support topics [url="http://www.devfuse.com/forums/forum/77-ipboard-modifications/"]here[/url]. Support for free modifications is only offered in these support topics. If board access is required, I'll then request a PM from you.

[b][size=5]Free IPB Support[/size][/b]

DevFuse also offers free IPB support in the support forums [url="http://www.devfuse.com/forums/forum/80-free-ipboard-support/"]here[/url]. Unlike DevFuse products, support is not guaranteed here but will be provided when possible. This forum offers free IPB support to DevFuse customers only.

[b][size=5]Paid Modifications[/size][/b]

Paid modification support is only officially offered in the customer centre availability [url="http://www.devfuse.com/customers/"]here[/url]. All client centre support tickets get priority support and support offered in other areas (pm, email, topic) will generally be directed to the client centre. When purchasing a product from DevFuse's own website, your customer account will be setup automatically. You'll be able to submit a support ticket straight away.

[size=5][b]IPS Marketplace Purchase[/b][/size]

Each marketplace product has it's own support topic, for basic issues these support topics can be used. But for more complex issues, a customer account on DevFuse will need to be setup. You can setup a DevFuse customer account by submitting your details [url="http://www.devfuse.com/forums/forms/4-ips-marketplace-purchase/"]here[/url], select IPS Marketplace Purchase as the subject.

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