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Custom Work Guide

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To better assist new customers who request custom work from me, I've put together this guide on how I handle custom work. If there is anything I haven't covered or your unsure about, please let me know.


Quotes/Time Frames

For requests without full details provided. I will usually provide a rough estimate price range and time frame. (e.g. $50-$100 and 2-6 days) Although broad these estimates give you a rough idea of the cost and time needed for an idea. It's only when I have the full details and features needed that I will provide an exact cost and time frame for each request. (e.g. $70 and 4-6 days).


Feature List

A full feature list is necessary to provide the most accurate quote for your request. I give my quote based on an agreed feature list. If changes are needed during development, the quotes cost and time frame may be adjusted to reflect those changes. I usually recommend providing screenshots or examples of how you want your request to function, this provides me the best idea of what your trying to achieve.



Deposits are only required for first time custom request customers of mine and also requests that cost over $200. For requests $200 and under in cost, I require a 50% deposit before starting any work and the remaining 50% to be paid when your request is finished. For requests over $200 in cost. I require a 25% deposit before starting any work, 25% to be paid half way during development when either a demo or screenshots are provided as proof of progress. And the remaining 50% to be paid when your request is finished.



My only payment method is PayPal currently. Alternative methods of payment should be discussed when first requesting work and before anything is started. Payment can either be sent to me via PayPal send money feature or I can generate a PayPal invoice for both the deposit and remaining payment. When quoting, all prices are always in U.S Dollar unless stated otherwise.


Ownership and Redistribution Rights

Unless stated otherwise, I retain full ownership and distribution rights for work and projects I develop. If you want full ownership over a request or require exclusive rights to a request, you should bring this up immediately. Any changes to the rights of custom work I develop will incur an additional fee in the quote price.


Future Support

A basic support contract is offered for free with all requests for up to a month after the request is finished. This includes simple changes and bug fixes if necessary. This doesn't include new features or major changes, in this case a new quote will be issued for any new work that's needed.


IP.Board 4

As you might already be aware, IPB4 will likely require a rewrite of most hooks and applications. For this reason, custom requests can only guarantee support for the IPB 3.4.x code. When IPB4 is closer to release I will be able to provide more information but it's likely all custom requests will need to be rewritten. At this stage I can't provide any cost or time frame estimates for upgrade work.

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