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Mass bug fixing updates

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As IPB4 approaches, I'll be taking this time to do a mass bug fixing update for a dozen of my modifications. This will ensure that the most stable version is left for the IPB 3.x series of modifications as we move across to the new IPB4 code. I've added a list of the modifications to be upgraded and will keep this list updated until all are complete. I expect to be completed within several weeks.

  • Auto Welcome Members
  • Shoutbox Topic Alert
  • Videos System
  • Donation Tracker
  • Form Manager
  • Collections System
  • News System
  • Calendar Topics
  • Garage System
  • Auto Birthday Greeter
  • Timeslip System
  • Moderator Action Alert
  • Auto Anniversary Greeter
  • Global Messages

Not Completed | Completed


View the bugs fixed in the bug tracker.

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after upgrade to the new version on global messages they all are gone and wont display anymore plz help

same for me, now the global message doesn't show up anywere and the hook is enabled. :/

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Okay I've found the reason why the global message doesn't show up!


Go to Manage Applications & Modules and edit the Global Messages application.

Copy the Application Title into the Application Public Title so they're identical then save it.



He forgot to give the public side a title which makes it show up. If it doesn't have a title then it will cause the application to not be shown on the front end, making it an admin only application!

Edited by Cabola

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