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Application Bug Fixing Round

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Over the next few weeks, I'll be updating several of my applications with bug fixing releases. Below is the status of each update that I'm doing this round. I'm using this opportunity to produce more stable versions of my applications while I prepare for new features being introduced this year. Some applications are not listed as they have no bug reports currently or are in active development right now.


  • Donation Tracker
  • Garage System
  • Global Messages
  • Collections System
  • Form Manager
  • Calendar Topics
  • Videos System


Completed | In Progress

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Great work!  Thanks as always!   Are these feature suggestion lists public so we can see what you have in store for us? :)   Or is it top secret?  :ph34r:


It's a pretty jumbled set of lists but would be happy to send a PM for what ever application(s) your interested in. I'd rather not post anything public as not all features can be added and I don't want people purchasing assuming something will be added.

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