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Sorry of this is a silly question (I couldn't find the answer for the life of me!) but is there a demo of the collections system?


I run an astronomy forum and members buy a lot of accessories for their setups. The colections system might be a perfect way to show what gear they own.



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Hi Michael,


I'm back (after quite some time) and I have a renewed interest in this application.


I'll explain what I want it to be able to do, perhaps you'll be able to answer my queries without the need for a demo.


I run a photography forum and I want users to be able to create a "camera bag". This means they will be able to list the photography gear they own, like cameras and lenses, so others can see what gear they shoot with. Currently we list them in signatures which is not very professional! (and it's messy)


Can it do the following?

  1. The ability for administrators to add items that members can select for their own camera bag 9their own collection)
  2. The ability for members to add their own items that don't already exist
  3. The ability to show the kit on the forum and/or profile somewhere
  4. The ability to disable any rating/commenting in the app (we want to focus on forum discussion as use this purely for listing kit)




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  • Management

1/2) Any member can add an item, group permissions can be set for who can add, edit or delete items. Regarding having a prederminated list of items when adding, that's currently not possible. You can only enter your item name in. There is no way to select an item from a list the admin sets up for example.

3) The Collections System supports discussion topics for new items added, also a hook that displays below a users info in the topic view displaying if each member has any items or not. There is also integration with the profile tabs, a new tab will be added for displaying each members items.

4) Yes both rating and commenting is controlled via the group permissions. So you could disable both, enable the discussion topics and push all discussion towards the topics.


The screenshots do cover most of the app but I'm more then happy to setup a demo if there was anything your unsure about.

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