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Forum cleanup and changes

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Some may notice a few changes in the forum layout and structure. Running a 3rd party support forum like DevFuse has changed a lot since the IPSBeyond days. With this in mind I have made some small changes to these forums. These changes were made so I can shift back to being a support site exclusively for my own mods rather then a general 3rd party support site for IPB. Some of the major changes are listed below:

  1. Old IPB 2.3 and 3.0 legacy content has been removed. This includes files and tutorials.
  2. I've removed the skinning section. This is part of a move to shift back to my core features, which were always modifications and tutorials.
  3. The IPB support forum is now only accessible to DevFuse customers.
  4. The downloads section IPB modifications category will no longer accept new additions from other modders.

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