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Collections System v1.2 Update

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The Collections System has received an update with several new major features and about a dozen bug fixes.


You can view the latest version here.


Notable Changes:

  • Support now included for item categories. If no category added, collections system will continue like normal.
  • Update of the comments display to be more like other IPS Apps.
  • Improvements added to the layout of when a single item is featured.
  • Now included is an option to upload 1 image when adding/editing an item. Hopefully to encourage image addition.
  • New custom fields have been added for urls and RTE editor.
  • The built in IPB search is now supported.
  • The view items page can now be filtered by certain custom fields. These are the text and dropdown fields.
  • Public language file improvements, you can now change a majority instance of the word "Item" in a few language strings rather then the few dozen needed before.

Bug Fixes:

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Thanks for update and especially for categories :)


Now I need "only" ;) some changes in modifications and the collection system would be a good review system. (The review system that exist for IPB is bullshit.)


In modifications

- no categories in modifications

- no preset fields like "Modification Name:" or "Description:", but rather custom fields (as in Tabs) and all-important a field type for rating (for multiple features of a thing).

- custom fields in modifications should be related to (item) category - in category 1 I need rating for these features, in category 2 I need rating for those features. It could be made with field sets.


In general

- custom fields should be related to (item) categories. In (item) category 1 I need fields A, B and C - but in (item) category 2 I need fields D, E and F. Here also it could be made with field sets.


Thanks for your work, Michael!

Edited by Claudia

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