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devCU Ajax Thanks [IPB 3.3x]

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File Name: devCU Ajax Thanks [iPB 3.3x]

File Submitter: Gary Cornell

File Submitted: 15 Jul 2012

File Category: IP.Board Modifications


This modification adds the ability for members to thank posters via Ajax. It keeps track of the number of times each member has been thanked and displays it in each post.


It is very light-weight and adds no additional queries to the Topic View. It can automatically collapse the thankers if the list is too long.


Additional features:

Options thank count auto collapse

cutom thanks images

(TB) Hide Content functionality

Shows members thanks given in profile

Based on the work of Elad Nava for IPB 3.2x, devCU has taken over the development with permission.


This modification is in full active development, new functions/features are planned and being added so please check back for updates. Feature requests are welcomed at devCU.



For Guaranteed clean and proper versions please download from devCU Website Directly


This version adds new features and skin button fixes (2.1 >> 2.2):

- Adds 1 new template, 1 new hook, 1 new database row


New Features

- Can now be installed over previous version without uninstall

- Group Color/Formatting in Thankers List

- Custom Thanks/Unthanks Image Option in Settings

- Adds Times User Thanked in Public Profile


Bug Fixes

- Fixed attachment error upon thanks with Hide Content enabled

- Fixed smilies/image issue with thanks


Support Updates

- Further (TB) Hide Content Hack 3.x Compatibility (See Step 4 of documentation)

- Added IPBforumskins Spectrum Skin Button Fix (See Step 5 of documentation)

- Minor Code Cleanups/Optimizing.



- Licensed under DevCU Public License (DCUPL) Rev 21


Support, Feature Requests, and Open Source Code

devCU Home http://www.devcu.com

Projects Code Repository http://www.devcu.net

DO NOT post issues at the site you are downloading this from cause I wont get them. Post bugs, feature requests, and issues at the devCU Dev Home








Currently in development for next release 2.2.1

- Update script to pull serial array for thanks given table - This will be included in the next release and will not effect any thanks given totals up to that point. Sorry couldnt get this in to this release but its been a real pain in the ass if you know what I mean.



- Mobile skin ajaxThanks inclusion

- Show thanks given in topic view

- Improved Group Formatting

- devCU Btracker integration

- devCU ForumsX integration


Proposed Feature (With Hide Content Only)

- IP. Downloads integration (thanks in order to download files)


Click here to download this file

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Slight issue with hide content app was reported and will be corrected in next release but if you are using this in conjunction with that app heres a quick fix.


Issue: Hide Content not refreshing due to attachments fix we added. Seems to actually be an issue with hide content removing all tags upon refresh.



In Templates >> Topic View >> ajaxThanksJS


Find at the very bottom:


                                                                                // Update post content for hide hack

                                                                               if ( t.responseJSON['post'] != "" )

                                                                               new Effect.Pulsate( thankersBox, { pulses: 3, duration: 1.5 } );




And replace with this:


                                                                                // Update post content for hide hack

                                                                               if ( t.responseJSON['post'] != "" )
                                                                                       // Editless attempt to reach the post content
                                                                                       var postDivider = $( 'post_id_' + pid ).children[1].children[2].children[1];
                                                                                       postDivider.innerHTML = t.responseJSON['post'];

                                                                                       new Effect.Pulsate( postDivider, { duration: 1.5,  pulses: 3 } );
                                                                               new Effect.Pulsate( thankersBox, { pulses: 3, duration: 1.5 } );



Hope to correct the issue in follow up release 2.2.1


This mod is in active development

Report bugs or submit feature requests here:


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Here I am using ipb 3.2.3 and 1.0.6 ajax thanks and I did the upgrade to 3.3 and the forum now to do the upgrade thanks ajax?


I did a test here and so the care thanks ajx 2.1 and its not right

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