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[3.3.2] Can't Sign in, but i can do it with ACP, what to do?

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The fix below didn't helped.


I found that this thing happened with one guy. The fix was:


The issue is caused by outdated skin templates. Simply update your custom skin's template bits.



Manual fix

To fix the error yourself edit the template "Login Screen -> showLogInForm" and find:

<if test="referer:|:$referer">



<input type='hidden' name='auth_key' value='{$this->member->form_hash}' />

Save the template and you're done. Repeat as needed for all skins.


When i'm trying to sign in, the page just loads again like pressing "F5". No errors or something else. I can register.


You can try it yourself: http://forum.cub3gaming.net

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