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Gary Cornell

devCU Profile Points for (M33) Donation Tracker

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File Name: devCU Profile Points for (M33) Donation Tracker

File Submitter: Gary Cornell

File Submitted: 10 Jul 2012

File Category: IP.Board Modifications


This simple hook adds the reward point count in a members public profile for the (M33) Donation Tracker

It is very light-weight and adds no additional queries.



Turn on and off in profiles

Data Row Setup


NOTE: The Donation Tracker does not add the points row into the database, this must be done manually. Also as far as I can tell the points system isnt working properly, at least on my board. You may be required to add the points manually until a fix is released.


This modification is in full active development, new functions/features are planned and being added so please check back for updates. Feature requests are welcomed








Click here to download this file

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Just installed this today and finding it very useful.


Floundered a bit trying to work out which DB table I needed to add the points column too, then a light bulb went off and added it to the members table.


Just need Donation Tracker to add the points automatically now :)


Thanks for this!

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