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Donation Tracker v3.1 Update

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The Donation Tracker has been updated with several new features and bug fixes. Here is a list of the notable changes:

  • New goal setting for "private amount". All amounts (goal amount, donations amount, hooks) related to that goal are hidden regardless if anonymous amount donation or not.
  • New hook that replaces the previous edit needed if you force guests to login. Thanks to peaderfi for the suggestion and idea where you hook into.
  • Support for the Payza gateway (IPN v2), formally Alert Pay.
  • Improvements made to gateway instructions, dedicated detailed setup instructions added for each gateway.
  • Minor changes to better allow use of the Donation Tracker without any goals.
  • Preliminary support added for improved gateway post back function. Not fully enabled for all gateways but will be staged released in v3.1.1.
  • Some minor changes made to the rss feeds, updating old legacy code.
  • Data hook support added for add donation.


Bug Fixes

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When you going to add it to the IP boards? I can't seam to download it from here since I purchased it through IP


Very soon, just wanted to stage the release in case any unexpected bugs.

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