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Modification Error... (DOWNLOADS PLUGIN FOR IP 3.2B)

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Hello DF.

i have downloaded a plugin for my website here: www.speed-scene.com


and the plugin is a download plugin. so that i can upload/download and such stuff for people...



it does work, in some sort of way.

when i upload a file when i chose to upload a whole (NEW) file.

then i get this message when done:


The server returned an error during upload



and im getting the same message when uploading a new version.


and when i have uploaded the new version, then after im trying to downloade it. then i cannot downloade the new versions that i just uploaded. and in this case. none. somehow, it also disables the first i uploaded.


example below:



Hoping answers soon, thanks in advance! :).


PS: Tell me if more information is needed! :).


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