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Coding problem in adding PHP,ECT...

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hello everyone... a question is needed to be asked, and very URGENT actually...


in this forum here: www.tbdev.net


then they are using Invision Board (IP-Board Forum)...

but what version i dont know and i dont care... the thing i do care about is 2 other stuff at my own site here: www.speed-scene.com


when i am adding a code to the site forum in the 'Speciel BBcode' tool and then chose PHP orr such, and same with a Normal Code tag...

then in the code automaticly, its adding stuff like font size and such... and worse of all, right into the code in the middle and such, even true its a SQL/PHP im adding... and i have no clue how to fix... so hoping someone can give me a answer... and hopefully very soon...


also... the second thing i cared about was that when a new member orr such are trying to make a new thread, then a moderator has to accept he's post before it will be showed... can someone tell me how to fix that so it will do this automaticly?... Thanks in advance as useally!

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