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Donation Tracker v3.0.0 Upgrade

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The Donation Tracker v3 is a major rewrite and upgrade for IPB 3.2.x. This version was completely rewritten with only a small amount of original IPB 3.1 Donation Tracker code left in place. There has been some major new features added and changes. You can view the latest feature list and screenshots here. For those who participated in the beta and RC releases, you can view the fixes here.


Notable Changes:

  • Overhaul of main pages and admin pages to use the latest IPB 3.2.x styles and code from IPB 2.3/3 legacy style.
  • Support for additional payment gateways. Paypal and offline gateway are the only ones currently included by default.
  • Member Rewards section added with the ability to reward members with group promotions based on the amount donated. Integration with any points system included, so points can also be rewarded based on amount donated.
  • Addition of secondary group promotion, now available in the member rewards section.
  • Rewrite of sidebar blocks to include new featured goals, latest donations, top donors and donation stats blocks. With the ability to enable/disable each one.

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