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Garage System v3.0.2 Update

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The IPB 3.1 Garage System has been updated to v3.0.2. This update is a bug fixing version that includes 19 bug fixes, including a few small feature additions. You can view the latest features and screenshots here.


Notable Changes

Basic IP.Content support added in the form of a custom block to allow the sidebar block to be added into IP.Content.

Sitemap file upgraded to support the latest IP.SEO version.

Facebook like function added to the vehicle page.


Bug Fixes:


Garage System Future


As some will be aware, the Garage is a popular product to use for non vehicle purposes. For communities that need a database of items that the Garage provides but more customizable for non vehicle use. Based on feedback from current Garage customers, I'll be starting a side product that will be based on Garage code but has a name, language and features more suited for non vehicle use.


The Garage will remain unaffected by this and continue as a separate product. The new product originally based on the Garage will continue as a separate product and continue to evolve on it's own. For those members who currently use the Garage for non vehicle purposes, the upgrade to this product will be free and a converter will be made so your data can be converted. More details will be posted in the coming weeks.

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do we need to buy it again ? is there any options to update for free?


As long as your subscription to the Garage is active, all upgrades will be free. You'll need to download the latest version from the client centre. Upgrade instructions will be included in the download zip.

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Rather then post a new announcement, just wanted to alert Garage owners that a new upgrade has been released to fix a few of the issues that occurred due to v3.0.2 upgrade. This new version is v3.0.3 and fixes the following bugs.



Edit: Appears there was an issue with the email notifying about this upgrade not being sent out. I've just re-sent this so everyone is aware of the fixes.

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