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No IPboard for me anymore.......

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Hi all, id thought id share what has just happened in my part of the world with you. Firstly i live in Phuket Thailand. I have Ipboard gallery blog connect blah blah. Anyhow the other day i went to visit the forums as usual and for some reason the Thai authorities have decided to block the IPboard community site.

I can access the main page including my client area so i am still able to access my downloads and updates as and when they become available. I opened a ticket with IPBoard to see if they were aware of the situation of their site being blocked.


Here is the ticket transcript.



Hi there i live in Phuket, Thailand and to horror of horror when i tried to log onto the community site tonight for some reason the site has been blocked here is the message translated into English.

"We apologize for any inconvenience.


Ministry of Information and Communication Technology. Ordered to stop publishing a Web site that you want to visit.


Because the images, text, and some inappropriate content. For more information on.


Ministry of Information and Communication Tel: 0 2141 6950 ".


I do not know why or understand the reasons for this. However i cannot access the site forums anymore. I can access my account and gain access to my download as a paying client but all other access to the forums has been blocked so now i can

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