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Guest amhere


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It would help if you:


1. Learned how to spell or at least use capital letters when appropriate

2. Be more detailed about your problem


"pls this dont work, images not show" is as helpful as reading japanese poetry in backwards.


The link you provided doesn't work.


If you explain in a bit more details what the exact problem is, we might be able to help you.

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Waht he is tryin to say is that the original link has been changed by IPB when it is entered into a post, so the link in return will not work at all. also when using the [/img] tags the images do not show as the same effect happens. the link within the img tags is changed to some &%^66 stuff instead of the original link. I am wonderin what this issue could be also as i have a new client that has just all of a sudden experienced this issue and im clueless as to why. I have checked all mods that are installed and sql nothing is out of the ordinary.

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