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[Suggestion] Donation Tracker Integration with VIP system


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Hello Guys


I have an idea that I'd like to share and discuss here :) I'm sure I ain't the first one that has thought of this. but here goes :


I am using Michael Donation Tracker Paid Mod and I have to see that I am VERY PLEASED with it. Thank You Michael.


Now I am planning on having a VIP section on my forum. They way I would like it to work is like this:


Members become VIP for a certain period, depending on the amount they donated. For example, a member donates $10 > they get moved up a rank to VIP status and after a month they automatically are brought back down to member status again.


However if a member donates $60 they get to be VIP for a year and after a year .. again they get brought down to regular status. I think you got the idea. :)


What do you guys think ? wouldn't this be GREAT !! :)


Please comment.


Thank You.

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I will be looking at adding a donation range feature, where you can set ranges for example $0-10, $10-50, $50-100 and set how many points and stars the donating member receives per range. It shouldn't be too hard to move the member upgrade terms across to this setup instead of 1 global setting.

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  • Management

Brilliant !


How long are we talking here ?


I start work when I finish the Garage System, development should run for several weeks then (4-7 weeks). Add a few extra weeks when IPB3.1 comes out, because I need to confirm every mod is compatible.

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