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Not working for me. I thought maybe Board Panel was interfering with it, but turning it off didn't seem to make a difference.


Here's what I added to globalTemplate


<if test="zero_poster:|:$this->memberData['member_id'] AND $this->memberData['posts'] == 53">
<div class='block_wrap'>
<h3 class='maintitle'>Need help {$this->memberData['members_display_name']}?</h3>
<div class='general_box'><b>Our records indicate you have yet to post. If you are having trouble posting please search through our 
<a href="{parse url="app=core&module=help" base="public"}" title='{$this->lang->words['view_help']}' rel="help" accesskey='6'>Help Guide</a>. <br />If not, why not take a moment to introduce yourself in our   
<a href="{parse url="showforum=14" base="public"}">Welcome Center</a> and get to know our community?</b></div>
			<if test="mainpageContent:|:$html">{$html}</if>


did I miss something?

Edited by kal

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