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Due to a family and medical emergency, support has been delayed and will be delayed for the next few weeks. I'm sorry for those who have been waiting and will try my hardest to reply to everyone as soon as possible.
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License / Price Changes

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I've made some changes to the price and license structure that should make it more simpler to purchase and renew your license and bring us more into line with how your 1st party addons like the blog and gallery from IPS work.


List of changes:

  • The base 6 months option has been changed to 12 months but still keeps the same 6 months price.
  • There is no longer a 6,12,18 months option for licenses, only 12 months will be provided.
  • Renewal discount has been increased from 45% to 50%.
  • You have options to renew at 6 months or 12 months.


Example Scenario:


The IPB3 Global Messages modification at todays prices can be brought for $21.95 US which will include 12 months free support/upgrades/downloads. After the 12 months license expires you can continue using the product unsupported and without upgrades. Or you can renew for a 50% discounted price for another 12 months at $10.98 US or for another 6 months at $5.49 US.


Existing Licensees:


To compensate existing licenses an extra 6 months subscription time has been added to all active licenses already. This offer will be backdated for licenses expired within the last month, please contact me as this will need to be done manually.

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