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Anti PM Spam modifications

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I wake of recent attacks on many IPB boards including this one using PM as a spamming tool. I've created a few mods that I think will help out with this. Here is a basic summary of each of the modifications, will post more later today.


1. PM Flood Limit - setup per hour/per day limits for personal messages, per group / globally. - IPS has released a patch that makes this mod idea no longer necessary. View IPS patch here.

2. Post required to PM - setup how many posts a member needs before can use the PM system. - Download here


Both may not be able to stop PM spam full stop but will definitely will make it harder for the pm system to be used for spam. Any other ideas of suggestions, please post them here.


Further Discussion:




Delete all PM's from existing spamming member:

DELETE ibf_message_topics.*, ibf_message_text.* FROM ibf_message_topics LEFT JOIN ibf_message_text ON ibf_message_topics.mt_msg_id=ibf_message_text.msg_id WHERE ibf_message_topics.mt_from_id=X

Full Source: https://www.invisionpower.com/index.php?app...icle&id=380

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Thanks for care IPB users !

I will wait IPB 3.0 fully and if price will ok for my pocket i will continue journey with IPB now i must use smf becouse its free ! But thank you for this greats mods !

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