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Site and Forum Changes

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The website and forums have had a few minor modifications in preparation for the IPB3 final release. These changes were made to make navigation between site and forums more easier and simpler.


Content such as the products page and client centre will still remain on the site and the forums will do what it does best with discussion based content such as news, testimonials and articles now in the forums. This offers an easier way to discuss and add new content rather than writing a system for each of these on the site. And will free up some of my time to work more on modifications rather than maintaining the sites code and content.


In these changes two new forums have been added. Company Feedback is for any feedback regarding the site, forums or modifications. Customer Testimonials has been moved from the site to the forums as an easier way for customers to add there testimonials.


When IPB3 is released and we have a default skin up and running, I'll be writing up a template based on that skin for use on the site, this will allow the products page, client centre and forums to look same throughout and utilize the same navigation. If you have any further improvements, ideas or suggestions for the site, modifications or forums, please post them in the Company Feedback forum.

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