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Timeslip System Update

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This Timeslip System sees updates on functionality and resources. A few notable mentions listed below. Although no major features have been added we recommend you update to the latest version to fix various security flaws.



* IPB inbuilt caching system now is used on the main page, this removes 30% of database queries and makes the Timeslip System extremely fast and efficient when loading.


* A new redesign of the menu links, all links are now organized into 1 drop down.


* Navigation and page title upgrade, all unique pages within the Timeslip System now have unique page titles and navigation names.


* Skin Templates redesign, the Timeslip System skin templates have been cleaned up with the removing of 9 inefficient template bits.


* Control Panel Overhaul, the timeslip system control panel has been redone with more friendly use in mind, with a multi act added to enable quicker mass changes to the system.


* Garage Integration Improved, garage integration has been improved with an optional choice of Garage Module or Fusion Registry Integration, as well as a database check to make sure respected table exists.

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