Videos System Upgrade v1.1.0

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The Videos System has just undergone a major upgrade to include many new features and improvements from it's initial release. A few of the most notable changes are listed below:

  • Utilization of the inbuilt IP.Board caching system to reduce server load and efficiency. Reduced by nearly 50%.
  • Optional RSS feed for 10 latest videos added.
  • Optional Social Bookmarking and RSS Feed Reader integration with AddThis.com.
  • Addition of MultiAct Control Panel for mass delete, approve and unapprove for video listing.
  • Language file fully completed with all text references in it.
  • All html has been checked so that a majority of it is XHTML valid.

A full list of the features and screenshots can be viewed at the Videos System products page: http://www.devfuse.com/products/videos-system/

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Where do you put the add this.com code at? Thanks I also have the news system and need to know where to embed the addthis code too :) Thanks

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AddThis is no longer included as it uses the new share links and facebook like. For support you can open a ticket in the client centre here.

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