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Donation Tracker Upgrade v2.0.0

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The Donation Tracker has just undergone a major update with several bugs fixed and several new handy features.


These most notable update are listed as follows:

  • newdy0.pngOption to automatically demote a member back to his original member group x days after there donation. (Includes a pm alert when it demotes them.)
  • newdy0.pngOption to mark goals as achieved and remove them from listing after they have reached 100% donations.
  • newdy0.pngOption to create goals that are continuous and have no set end date.
  • newdy0.pngRSS feeds for latest donations and latest goals listings.
  • newdy0.pngOption to monitor the visit logs of each member, this will give the data needed to know who is visiting the Donation Tracker and what parts of the tracker they are visiting.
  • newdy0.pngAbility to track the individual status of each goal as members choose to donate to there preferred goals.

You can view the new feature list here: http://www.devfuse.com/products/donation-tracker/

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