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Guest benking

[KB] Advanced Radio Center

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Guest benking

[KB] Advanced Radio Center




This is my 1st ever mod i have been working weeks on it and i am very pleased with the result this mod lets you have a radio center for your invision power board and is fully customizable in admin cp. You can change styles of the radio layout at the touch of a button use the radio banner i made to paste into your shoutbox or topics plus much much more.




  • easy install using the universal mod installer and 1 file edit
  • maximum of 6 shoutcast radio streams
  • live stats radio images
  • enter your connection settings in acp
  • multiple radio styles all configurable in acp
  • ability to turn streams on and off
  • your dj's have a drop menu to kick dj's and stuff (set group permissions in acp)
  • set witch groups can view the radio
  • turn the panel on/off
  • ability to change the position of each radio on the panel
  • and much more




live radio stats image




if there is a dj online click the image and listen to the music play :D


Radio panel styles










this is if you are only using 1 radio




Admin cp settings






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is this available yet for trial? i host approximately 8 stations and wouldnt mind givin this a shot to see what it can do.I currently have a radio setup for all stations. its a flash component though and does not use any part of IPB config. You can also add asmany stations as you liek with 12 different skins. Here is a ss



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it is out and available at his site. its approximately 31 dollars usd or 20 pounds 25 pounds with copyright removal.


{warez link removed}


you do have to sign up and join.


I went searchin and found his site. and purchased this mod. it is a awesome mod if you run numerous stations or even just one.

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I don't know how I could be more clearer, I don't support warez. Link removed!


Off Topic: I find it ironic a warez site would sell something. :blink:

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