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Auto Welcome 2.0.0 - shoutbox welcome?

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Was just thinking about adding shoutbox support to the auto welcome, when a member registers, the admin has the option of welcoming them in the shoutbox installed as well.


Would anyone find this useful? Any other ideas for this modification? Any beta testers interested, please pm me or reply here.


Some current ideas on the table:

  • shoutbox welcome message support
  • split topic, pm and email into 3 different settings group,
  • rewrite the instructions to make sure no double instances of find is found.
  • expand on settings description to be more descriptive.
  • add board_email tag to email from, that links to email out.
  • add option to pin and/or close topic in topics settings group.
  • add welcome points to newly registered members.
  • add quick tag to show how many points was rewarded to the new member.
  • change name to Auto Welcome Members
  • add welcome message to members profile comments.
  • add language file support

Legend: Done - In Progress

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All planned features have been added and I'm just bug testing now, if anyone would like to help out, please either pm me or reply here.


I'm suspending the development of this mod, will be releasing this next week.

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