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Garage System v2.0.0

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The Garage System has undergone a major upgrade to add several new features and fix any bugs left over from v1.0.0.


Major changes

1. Lightbox feature for a more friendly way of viewing images.

2. Tab system to organize multiple custom fields.

3. Custom fields to organize non standard information such as insurance info or selling information.

4. Task to process cache regularly to avoid out of date cached data.

5. Global box that can be set to display latest or random vehicles in a list or images based structure.

6. Optional ajax rating system, option to also disable change votes.

7. Integration with the Timeslip System (included as a tab if vehicle has associated timeslip record).

8. Converter provided for Fusion Registry v3.0.4 (Works only one direction and will erase existing Garage System data every conversion).


Minor Changes

1. Make costs not required while adding vehicle or mod.

2. Add Sort by Vehicle Name and/or Owner Name.

3. Add mileage and mileage unit to vehicle info.


More Information can be viewed here: http://www.devfuse.com/products/garage-system/

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