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I would like to make some suggestion to make this app even better ...

Lets say my collections is different items like Cars and motorcycles and want to fill in with fields on the maintab.
I would like to see you can choose on the category view an option you can have an option what fields I want just for that category. 
i want to make one tab-Vehicles withs fields just for cars and one tab ex with vehicles with fields just for motorcycles in that category you choose ..

I would also see my old suggestion about wishlist to come back and when you add one item to wishlist you also lets say when you have buy new item for your wishlist and mount it you can move the wishlist item to your modifications list when its done for your vehicle or have enhanced modifikation list with more option for the modification.

Hope it make sense and sorry for my poor English ;) 

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Per category custom fields is definitely going to be added in a future update. I'll have to make sure it supports the existing setup, so I'm thinking of just adding an option into the custom field to choose which categories to appear in.

Regarding the wishlist suggestion, does the "mark item" feature work for this in anyway?

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