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Video: live streaming block?

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Hi Michael - long time fan of your work, and own some of your other apps.


We're looking at replacing our IP.Content video database and 3.x Live Streams plugin with Videos. One question remains. I see you support streams, but is there any way of getting a block with a list of only streams that are live listed (or at least in order of most recently live)? I know that to do this you'd need to add a scheduled task that polled each of the streams and determined if they were live or not, then possibly use that to touch the Last Updated field or a new live boolean column in the table. Finally your new block would need to be able to sort/filter on that field.


If this is something you'd be willing to provide, we're willing to buy, upgrade, and (within reason) fund its development. FYI, there are a lot of 4.x clients looking for a live stream database/organizer over on Invision Power's site... ;)

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I like the idea but would probably be looking at early 2016 until I could realistically look at adding this, even as a custom request as I'm still working through quite a few requests right now.

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