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Over the next few weeks I'll be releasing the IP.Board 4 versions of all my upgraded applications and plugins. When your application has been released, you'll get an email about the latest version and how to upgrade. You'll also be able to view the products page as each application is updated.


This upgrade is offered as a free download for those who have an active license to the IP.Board 3.4 version. Expired licenses will need to renew to get access to the latest version. The IP.Board 3.4 version will continued to be offered as an extra download and remain supported until IPS makes IP.Board 3.4 end of life.


There will be no downgrade path so please make sure your happy upgrading before you have upgraded. I would also suggest a full backup before any upgrade. If you need help upgrading, please open a support ticket with forum login details and I can perform the upgrade for you.


Although each upgrade has been tested, please keep in mind this is still a major upgrade and a complete rewrite of the previous version. For this reason there may be bugs found in the initial versions. You can report all bugs here.

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