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  1. I personally think Video System is more user friendly than IPS Gallery. (If this is the gallery you are talking about) Well at least for my new gaming site I am preparing, the set-up of video system looks more organized and easier to navigate. The only disadvantage I see is : Picture Information : Sharing Image Links But overall including price, etc. I really think it would be good to have it included on Video System or at least on a new modification.
  2. I just saw 12 month free upgrade. NVM.
  3. Instead of having "Member Videos", it should show: "Most viewed videos, Most rated videos, Highest rated videos, and Random videos". ALSO: Should add new feature on Video System. Instead of just being able to upload Videos, users can upload Pictures as well. On another section of the forum, users can upload pictures, that just looks like Video System, BUT instead of videos user can only upload pictures. I would like to purchase Video System, as well as the features I have asked :( Am I too greedy? Do we get free upgrades or how long does license last?
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