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  1. Claudia

    Collections System v1.2 Update

    Thanks for update and especially for categories :) Now I need "only" ;) some changes in modifications and the collection system would be a good review system. (The review system that exist for IPB is bullshit.) In modifications - no categories in modifications - no preset fields like "Modification Name:" or "Description:", but rather custom fields (as in Tabs) and all-important a field type for rating (for multiple features of a thing). - custom fields in modifications should be related to (item) category - in category 1 I need rating for these features, in category 2 I need rating for those features. It could be made with field sets. In general - custom fields should be related to (item) categories. In (item) category 1 I need fields A, B and C - but in (item) category 2 I need fields D, E and F. Here also it could be made with field sets. Thanks for your work, Michael!
  2. Claudia

    IP.Board 3.3.x Update Status

    Do you have an approximate date for new version of Portal?
  3. Claudia

    Wishes for collection system

    Hi Michael, could it be better if the entries in user profile are like in video system
  4. Claudia

    Wishes for collection system

    Other members, in modifications - that's the problem. Example: I make a field "How satisfied are you with feature xyz?", and users should rate with 1-5 stars. I know, it's tricky.
  5. Hi Michael, thanks for collection system :thumbsup: My wishes for more custom field types are: a custom field of type "URL" and a custom field of type "ratings" Last one is difficult, I know ;) But it would make the collection system to a review system.
  6. Claudia

    IP.Board Portal development

    Oh, that's cool! I know that it is in good hands. :thumbsup:
  7. Claudia

    Videos System Feedback

    How can I make a IP.content block with the x latest videos (with thumbs)- like portal block, but for IP.Content?
  8. Claudia

    Demo for garage system?

    Hi Michael, some years ago I tried a review system like Censura. I wanted to link it with vBulletin. Later I decide to make a site with Joomla. There I've a review system from JReviews. These would be the features I would like to see. But JReviews it is complicated in the backend - and reviews make much more sense in the community. I know - it's much work. But you can take more than 21,95 Dollar for this. Much more. I'm thinking so :) Greetings Claudia
  9. Claudia

    Demo for garage system?

    Hi there, is anywhere a demo for Garage System? And why you don't make it to a review system? I think the market is bigger than only for car forums ;) Greetings Claudia