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  1. Hi there. Mike if you are reading this, please help me here. I'm Jamey from Tennesseeanglers.com. I don't have access to download my Messages or my Registry. You've helped me work on my site before and you are still an Admin there too. Yes, I dropped the black/green theme. It's just easier. Thanks in advance. Always above and beyond from DevFuse.
  2. Is Portal still working with the latest IPB version?
  3. I do Mike. Thanks for responding. I will look at that and send it to IPB. Do I remove the mod before they upgrade it from 3 to 4
  4. IPB tells me I need the upgrade path. Can you help?
  5. Mike, Can we limit this sidebar to a specific forum and it's topics? Also, can this track separate donation campaigns? My site is Tennesseeanglers.com. The forums is Members helping members. Thanks, Jamey
  6. Will this work on my IPS 3.4.6 with IP Content?
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