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  1. IP.Board 4.2 Updates

    Thank you for this one as I use that add-on.
  2. IP.Board 4.2 Updates

    Update - Few upgrade errors i see in system log - Error (1060) Duplicate column name 'g_dt_moderate_donations': addColumn ["core_groups",{"name":"g_dt_moderate_donations","type":"TINYINT","length":1,"null":false,"default":0,"unsigned":true}] Error (1060) Duplicate column name 'g_dt_send_donations': addColumn ["core_groups",{"name":"g_dt_send_donations","type":"TINYINT","length":1,"null":false,"default":1,"unsigned":true}]
  3. IP.Board 4.2 Updates

    Tried and it worked. Now old bugs, I am not aware of but upgrade from IPS 3.4.x was smooth. Thank you for the updates. Now need to follow up and find my old new feature suggestions :) Cheers!
  4. IP.Board 4.2 Updates

    Anyone tried donations? I am about to upgrade it and so far nothing has been mentioned about it. I am gonna be brave soul and trying to update from 3.4.x to 4.2. beta, assuming Michael is watching if anything goes bad :)
  5. IPS 4 Your thoughts

    Tested it and to be honest I feel many features are gone and some stuff that they modified I don't agree with it. Ex: Friends to followers. People are gonna get pissed when they get tons of notifications. I also dislike the new editor. Feels like years behind compare to Xenforo one.
  6. IP.Board 4 Upgrade Status

    Could help for Portal, Donation Tracker, Auto Welcome Members and Birthday greetings.
  7. My plans for IP.Board 4

    Looking forward for new donation tracker without PIN from paypal :)
  8. IPB 3.1 Donation Tracker v3

    Waiting for new version. I hope, my mentioned features, will be considered. :) Thanks!
  9. IPB 3.1 Donation Tracker v3

    Few suggestions: -- Side Bar Hook Suggestion: 1. Side boor hook where user can enter there $$ for donation rather then choosing from drop down. 2. Option to choose One time, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly donation from the drop down in side bar hook with one time being default. 3. Support for different payment gateways. 4. User can select currently from drop down with $$ being default. 5. A little text field: Note: where user can enter his little note while donating. Little ACP option if you can add: 1. Manually add transaction. (It helps to convert user from IP.Subscription, Joomla, Wordpress, etc) *All above options are in Joomla free mod* I am really waiting for above options :) -- IP.Content Hook: If possible. --User CP 1. Somewhere option in user CP where it shows how much they have donated and when. -- User Groups: 1. Let's say 20$ - VIP member for 6 months and 30$ for 1 year. Then user can donate 15$ and then again 15$ and once he reaches 30$, he can get 1 year membership. So, basically it keeps track of user amount based on paypal ID. Thank you!
  10. Donation tracker (purchased version) Issue

    Same issue here. Also, Michael can you please confirm that it will work on 3.1 or not? Thanks