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  1. After 3 years approximate: @Michael - Will you be adding recurring donation option? Just need yes or no. The reason, I am asking is because, I am paying for 2 addons yours and IPS commerce. I need to decide which one to keep. thanks.
  2. Sorry, no. Tied to Marketplace and no idea why!
  3. thanks! Renewed application from this site. How do i update it on my website? I always get redirected to marketplace from ACP.
  4. Hi Michael.. I hope you are doing good. Any possibility of good news?
  5. Hi Michael it's been like 2 years that me and others have been asking for this option. Would it be possible to add subscription and other payment option in donations now?
  6. Can you please PM me true reasons, if possible? I promise, will not share with anyone. I don't think, it's lack of time to be honest because all other addons, got new features and updates. Why do I have a feeling that IPS team is stopping you from adding it?
  7. @Michael - Payments and subscription, please? Almost 2 years now bud :)
  8. @Michael - Any plans to enhance this please? Recurring + more payment options through Stripe, will definitely help.
  9. 3 months later - any update bud? - Thank you :) PS We have been awaiting for this feature since almost 1 year now :(
  10. Definitely need some of your magic to get it working... i have it enabled by default. it was always enabled by default.
  11. Yes both are latest versions. Status updates are enabled. Please see below screenshot. I am unable to figure out the issue.
  12. Welcome status update is not working for me. Can you please help @Michael I enabled the status update and after that this user joined and he has no welcome message on status update - https://fearless-assassins.com/profile/24447-haley/
  13. @Michael - Any update on payments and subscriptions? - Thank you.
  14. Thank you! Would be nice to have Venmo and other options which are being supported in IPS 4.4 Store now. :) That would really help especially smaller communities as Venmo doesn't charge local transactions like paypal does.
  15. Hi @Michael - Happy new year! Following up on this one - Was it added and i missed the update or still in progress? Subscription, stripe (Apple and Google Pay) /venmo payment option and active goal selection will really help a lot! - Thank you
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