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  1. This is amazing Michael. Thanks for inputting some of the things I suggested.
  2. The contact system email formatting is off now. I no longer have the abiltity to use line breaks. This is how it looks and its hard to read. Name: ??? Email: ??? Subject: Casual Member Real Name: ??????????Age: ???Gaming Tag: ??? Account Name: ?????Steam Community Page (SteamID Page): ???????????? (Country, State): ???????????Who Referred You: ????? What Game Were You Recruited From: ???????????? Can you help by Donating or Subscribing? : ????What are you looking for in a Community or Clan?: ?????????????????? Recruitment Message: ???????????????????????? IP Address: ??.??.??.??
  3. Only area I know is here URL: dev.alertpay.com
  4. Will this support payments from other gateways like alertpay?
  5. Donate and Contact system is what I'm looking forward too. Keep up the great work Michael
  6. Devfuse has a contact system that works much like your asking. I use it for my clan recruitment system.
  7. Nice progress so far Michael. Have you looked into the subscriptions or adding subtractions and having a ending money pool? :D More infomation about those can be found here The basis of this idea is. 1) Tracker keeps track of Subscriptions. 2) Subscriptions are automatically added to the Monthly Goal 3) Have A Clan Balance System. Each Donation Adds to it, While a admin can add a Subtraction Manually.
  8. I agree, its a great mod. I can't wait for the update. John, You might want to check out the "contact" system. Works great and has many uses.
  9. I second Maalong on the zero goal.
  10. Yes, I have SEO installed. Been using that mod for along time, weird they changed the name.
  11. Aight, I did that.
  12. Is anyone good at getting traffic to a website? I'm new to the google/yahoo/msn/bing spider bots. I'm trying to get more traffic to my website since I only average 2-6 guests per day. I've had this website for 9 years and still can't get anyone to visit. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong with keywords or what. I have a sitemap that has been uploaded to the different places. I don't ever see msn/bing or yahoo on active users list, but I always see google. Any suggestions?
  13. Gerry, Its messy trying to run a donations application and then simple stupid looking subscriptions. I wish for it all to be in one application.
  14. Guess this is a good time to post my old information about this subject. Old post about subscriptions As for subscriptions, if it only reminds someone to donate, then its not really much of a subscription. I'd say both. Use 1 or 3 depending on needs. For system 1, It would be easy because you would just have paypal build the subscriptions and you would copy/paste the code in the subscription area for the different values. For system 3, I would have a subscription base much like paypal's but its a subscription they can enter in the amount and have it auto-deduct much like paypals. Paypal you need to choose the amount in advanced.
  15. :( More Political Diarrhea.