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Due to a family and medical emergency, support has been delayed and will be delayed for the next few weeks. I'm sorry for those who have been waiting and will try my hardest to reply to everyone as soon as possible.


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  1. how about a Halloween one - nearly that time of year :)
  2. Way to go :) Heres to the next 5 :cool:
  3. cool tip thanks for sharing Michael
  4. ty RF but sadly the patch link has been removed :( will have to wait til im verified i guess.....sigh
  5. apologies for jumping on this thread but as it talks about the shoubox and ipb3 then i hope you dont mind :) i too have installed the houtbox to my new board and despite doing all the user group changes i still get "nopermissions" whenever anyone tries to shout...........any ideas? ty in advance
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