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  1. soap

    Windows 7 RC1

    Remember if you try to use unsigned drivers in win7 64bit you have to turn off the signed drivers enforcement. You do that by clicking f8 when you start (like for safemode) and there will be an option to turn it off.
  2. soap

    Windows 7 RC1

    Yes. I think that is the problem. I just find it weird that the driver was included in the beta and now isn't anymore. But it is kind of early to find drivers written for win7.
  3. soap

    How did you find DevFuse?

    Searching for mods.
  4. soap

    Good Hosting

    I'm using a virtual server from http://server4you.de and I have never had any problems. I also think it's very cheap.
  5. soap

    Speedtest Topic

    I'm using cable-modem.
  6. soap

    Windows 7 RC1

    I also use Win7. I like it a lot. I've used it since the first public beta. And now I recently changed to the RC. I use the 64 bit version. In the Beta I didn't have problems with drivers, but I have now in the RC. The RC doesn't include drivers for my wired network. Wireless is working fine. And I haven't been able to find working drivers yet.
  7. soap

    What do you think of IP.Board 3?

    I like ipb3.0. I also like that finally we can connect using our facebook-login.