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  1. Well, I just resolved the problem for this error message. 1) Go to ACP 2) Type "Enable questions and answers?" In APC Live Search 3) Enable questions and answers? < Chose this one 4) Disable it. Now registration is works fine. RESOLVED.
  2. Well.. they got useless discussion :(
  3. http://forums.eahelp.net/index.php?app=cor...ection=register It shows this error:
  4. Not bad, but any others? I need a serious one with nice design..
  5. I need gallery for products, something like catalog with description BUT without any BUYING things.. just a gallery of products and other staff.. but no BUYING.
  6. Hey guys, I really need very much engine like ebay.com or alibaba.com If someone got pleaaaaaase share with any good business template.
  7. Well.. I did but no response :(
  8. Solved: Here is working version of random ads image.
  9. Ok final question, how to put this: in this:
  10. I'm Georgian but my current location is: China, city: Hangzhou.
  11. O_O Anybody understood?
  12. Hey, How to make him change to another picture on every refresh/load ?
  13. Edit was not available so I'm posting again. Btw, here is perfect fit for that place in % :)
  14. <3 !!! Sure it's working. Thanks a lot man.
  15. IBM_TTC is the mod with readme file. * files removed, available in download system.
  16. Hey everyone, I got IPB 3.0 RC1, is this latest version? If not please tell me how to update it. Because I guess it's reason why one of mod (exactly: Colored Topics) not working. In ReadMe file it asks to find for example this: File: \admin\applications\forums\sources\classes\post\classPost.php But instead of this, my classPost.php got this: How come? What to do?
  17. I don't actually need such block. I'll post picture what kind of ads block I need It must be simple I guess..
  18. darK

    Good Hosting

    Well I'm using justhost.com Had no problems yet. Space, Subdomains, e-Mails, dataBases - Unlimited. + free domain. Just for 3,9$ per month.
  19. n1 ;) Great idea. Also signed my url.
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