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  1. Thanks for your time and effort, will apply changes and take a look Paul
  2. yes something simular would be good but i agree doesnt look good cause of the spacing :(
  3. Thanks for your help :)
  4. Yes that would be great or better with the picture :) Some one needs to design a hook to do it Paul
  5. Upgraded fine, just remember to run all rebuild tools :)
  6. Hi guys, what would be the easiest way to move the profile box (log in / out) down away from the header section. Maybe to a simple line like in the clean cut theme? Im sure this would help loads of members who want a full header for there logo. Thanks in advance Paul
  7. Thanks for the feedback Paul
  8. Well done Michael, every little helps a great charity
  9. Please see the article Michael as wrote :) Hope this helps Paul
  10. Yes running this on my boards too, some good features ;)
  11. Link works fine, are you logged in on IPB?
  12. You are busy :)
  13. Nice one Michael :)
  14. It will be the 64 bit version i install, will install it and have a play :)
  15. As anyone upgraded there live board to RC1?