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  1. Updating All (MPFF) Apps & Hooks to 3.2

    1. planetby


      Talk about brass necked !

  2. if i was you after the topic has been moved select the last topic id from in the old forum and just do a simple update if you understand what im getting at
  3. in the address bar of the forum or if you right click on a nav link for the forum just click properties and should give u it der like the one this topic is in is 80
  4. have you included the called for the lang file in your hook
  5. i use smartFTP try upload in binary mod
  6. it will be ready once i finish (MPFF) Virtual Pet System v1.0.0
  7. well i have seen this problem about 5 times this week and its always due to files missing what ftp client are you using to upload and what mod is it in
  8. not really because i wanted to check all the files had been uploaded proper
  9. send me a PM with ftp details and ill see what the problem is
  10. redownload the files from IPS and reupload & reinstall should fix the problem
  11. (MPFF) External Login System v1.0.0 - Released Very soon and intergratable into any page
  12. not being funny but this topic is a bit pathetic as you can understand alot of modders are very busy and we do try and help everyone but if you put youself in our shoes were working on loads of mods/updates and get a PM for support when there is a whole forum for that it gets quite annoying now i cant speak for eden but when i am working on a mod i personally dont like when people pm me for support so i would as that people use my website thats what it was created
  13. that should do what you want but in future dont use == 1 just a waste of time If Setting = 0 (! is the primary element in this query) !$this->settings[''] If Setting = 1 $this->settings[''] Your Query <if test="$this->settings['...']"> <if test="in_array( $this->memberData['member_group_id'] , explode(',' ,$this->settings['....']) )">
  14. (MPFF) Website Solutions would like to wish all a very merry christmas and a happy new year we hope next year is as good as this year has been once again merry christmas and hope you get all you have asked for. Management & Staff
  15. As the original issue is resolved, I'll close this topic. If you have any more problems, please don't hesitate to open a new topic. Michael
  16. (MPFF) Arcade System 1.0.0 Beta 1 - Released

  17. from what you have said soulds like either an installation error or the modules havent been installed
  18. You need to change the CHMOD/Permissions to 777 you can do this by using an application such as SmartFTP or CuteFTP
  19. if you are trying to add a single emoticon just upload it to your ftp /public/style_emoticons/default/ and add it in the acp
  20. provide the full log not just what you have decided to snipp off just remove any IP, Wev addresses frm it replacing with XXXXXXXXXX
  21. :laugh: God Bless Copy & Paste :laugh:
  22. well done glad i aint the only person donating to these charities 100% of all sales were donated today thanks to all the people who donated
  23. sorry i didnt even read the script properly as you are now using BuildAndFetch you should be able to use the <foreach> statement i provided in an earlier post but make sure your variable is $data=""
  24. why dont you just remove the php foreach and do a skin 1 much simpilar <foreach loop="data:$data as $row"> {$row['email']}<br /> </foreach>
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