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  1. @Michael I just purchased your Donations package, installed perfectly. But I have a problem setting it up. Plain Donation is OK, but I wish to setup 4 donation packages, these involve a time limit. See example below Do you have any ideas if this can be setup in Donations. Right now I have it in Commerce under Subscriptions Thanks Ron
  2. OK I disable all blocks, opened the Portal show some of the games. Enabled the first block opened the Portal got the errors, disabled the first block Portal OK, enable second block, open Portal errors, disable second block, open Portal OK.. So it seems to be the blocks are the cause..Any ideas? Ron.
  3. When I install the Portal in the Applications, and Enable it, I get a bunch of errors.. https://ronaldsarcade.com/ IPS 4.4.10 Portal is disabled for now See image:
  4. Thanks Michael, worked perfectly.I add 10 to make it 40.. Looks good now. Ron..
  5. I still run the older version of IPB 3.4.9, I am running an Arcade Forum https://ronaldsarcade.com/ My question is: I would like to know how to increase the number of fonts (letters) in a Topic Title, instead of showing the entire topic it shows just part of it, I would like to add just a few more fonts to the topic title. See my image and look at the arrows, this is what I'd like to increase. Thanks Ron..
  6. There has been a big change since Andy wrote this code.. The code your looking for is in there but coded different.. Not sure Andy's code would still work..
  7. I have the Guest Message installed. I have put my own article in for the Guests to read.. My Question is: Is there a way to remove the Red X..my message would look better if the Rede X was gone. Thanks Oldcrow (Ron.)
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