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  1. Thanks Michael, worked perfectly.I add 10 to make it 40.. Looks good now. Ron..
  2. I still run the older version of IPB 3.4.9, I am running an Arcade Forum https://ronaldsarcade.com/ My question is: I would like to know how to increase the number of fonts (letters) in a Topic Title, instead of showing the entire topic it shows just part of it, I would like to add just a few more fonts to the topic title. See my image and look at the arrows, this is what I'd like to increase. Thanks Ron..
  3. There has been a big change since Andy wrote this code.. The code your looking for is in there but coded different.. Not sure Andy's code would still work..
  4. I have the Guest Message installed. I have put my own article in for the Guests to read.. My Question is: Is there a way to remove the Red X..my message would look better if the Rede X was gone. Thanks Oldcrow (Ron.)
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