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  1. Happy Birthday Baby Jai!

  2. its not really invision related, its more or less some custom php/mysql stuff, pay is very good, better then working for freelancer websites, consistency is the key here, is there anyone here that could help me?
  3. yeah im wondering the thoughts on this, it wouldnt be that hard to make a group for it
  4. yeah it just looks kinda funny and awkward to the right like that. However i was trying to just edit it and make it look good, like somethign different, i really like the power box i made
  5. As you can tell i love the layout of v2.3 however im throwing it in the mix and changing a lot of the template around, check it out, the very first phases
  6. well MPFF, this is what seperates me from you, I can assure you in my line of work, I do online webcamming, we wont go into details but we will say I work about 19 hours a day, HOWEVER, when the show is done, and SOMEONE on my board needs help, IM AT IT RIGHT AWAY, regardless, you pay for something you get support, i dont buy a car from honda and they say hey, GO TO THE SHOP, WE CANT HELP YOU OVER THE PHONE, calling my thread pathetic proves my point to a t
  7. Ok I am going to make this post short and sweet, this guy is TOTALLY unprofessional and I WOULD NOT recommend contacting him for ANY HELP, here is a screenshot of his assanine response in PM from Invisionize. Simple questions, you know when you have a board with 500 active members at one time, and trying to get it to work, I sort of needed some quick assistance, I guess not, I get this response. WOW. Anyways, I wont be needing anymore support, ill just do the edits myself instead of contacting a modder like this. This is THE WORSE modder attitude I have yet to see. I find it funny when you pay for something from these modders and they are so unprofessional and people read thru their posts and they wonder why no one will buy this, no worries, ill be posting this SCREENSHOT ON ALL on the invision forums to show his UNPROFESSIONAL response. PATHETIC. God this weeweees me off what the world is coming too!
  8. AMAZING TO SAY THE LEAST, looking thru your products now, now if you can make a thank you mod for unhide, id be all over that ONE issue with the calender mod, is there anyway for it to post a link to the actual post or no?
  9. oh no forget it, found all the sweet settings!!!!
  10. this doesnt create a topic? Oh thats what i was hoping for!
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