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  1. Hello :) Wondering how would i have a group promoted when x amount of + rep has been received? Don't know why its not already a feature, but sure would be handy to have. Been searching through files and see the admin/applications/members/modules_admin/groups/groups.php //----------------------------------------- // Can't promote to non-existent group //----------------------------------------- foreach( $this->cache->getCache('group_cache') as $row ) { $promotion = explode( '&', $row['g_promotion'] ); if( $promotion[0] == $this->request['id'] ) { $this->DB->update( 'groups', array( 'g_promotion' => '-1&-1' ), 'g_id=' . $row['g_id'] ); } } //----------------------------------------- // Some other generic fields //----------------------------------------- $promotion_a = '-1'; // id $promotion_b = '-1'; // posts if ( $this->request['g_promotion_id'] AND $this->request['g_promotion_id'] > 0 ) { $promotion_a = $this->request['g_promotion_id']; $promotion_b = $this->request['g_promotion_posts']; } 'g_promotion' => $promotion_a . '&' . $promotion_b, and in /admin/applications/members/skin_cp/cp_skin_groups.php //----------------------------------------- // Format some of the data //----------------------------------------- list($group['g_promotion_id'], $group['g_promotion_posts']) = explode( '&', $group['g_promotion'] ); list($p_max, $p_width, $p_height) = explode( ":", $group['g_photo_max_vars'] ); list( $limit, $flood ) = explode( ":", $group['g_email_limit'] ); if ($group['g_promotion_posts'] < 1) { $group['g_promotion_posts'] = ''; } $form['g_promotion_id'] = $this->registry->output->formDropdown( "g_promotion_id", $all_groups, $group['g_promotion_id'] ); $form['g_promotion_posts'] = $this->registry->output->formSimpleInput( 'g_promotion_posts', $group['g_promotion_posts'] ); $form['gbw_promote_unit_type'] = $this->registry->output->formDropdown( "gbw_promote_unit_type", $gbw_unit_type, $group['gbw_promote_unit_type'] ); <tr class='guest_legend'> <th colspan='2'>{$this->lang->words['gt_promotion']}</th> </tr> <tr class='guest_legend'> <td> <label>{$this->lang->words['g_mpromote']}</label><br /> {$guest_legend} <span class='desctext'>{$this->registry->output->javascriptHelpLink('mg_promote')}</span> </td> <td> HTML; if( $group['g_access_cp'] ) { $IPBHTML .= "{$this->lang->words['g_mpromote_no']}"; } else { $promotegrouptxt = sprintf( $this->lang->words['g_mpromote_to'], $form['g_promotion_id'], $form['g_promotion_posts'], $form['gbw_promote_unit_type'] ); $IPBHTML .= "{$promotegrouptxt}"; } $IPBHTML .= <<<HTML </td> </tr> That last one must be the promotion part of adminCP group module. Can anyone help me add reputation to the above? thanks in advance.
  2. also i know about the ipb topic one in ap, but im talking about per topic not forum :) i'm sure its just a simple code edit somewhere.
  3. Hi mike or anyone who can help, I used to have a mod (BOT Disable Post count increase per Topic) but i cannot find a similar mod for ipb3, can you help me? as users can gain post count in the forum they used to not be able to. thanks
  4. OK this tutorial must have done something as i noticed my topicview template is blank too, luckily reverting solves this but same cannot add any custom code as it saves blank. i may try to overwrite ipb3 files tonight. people do not try the above tutorial on ipb3.0.5 for gods sake. :p
  5. For people who getting this bug/error ive found a work around for now, i saved only the redirect css code in the admin cP (which saves as its minimum size) as thats not included in global template, then in global template of skin i added this: </head> <style type="text/css"> @import url("main.css"); </style> <body id='ipboard_body'> Then in server file manager create the main.css in root, there you should put the rest of the css and now you can add to the IPB AdminCP as normal as its bare minimum css still. Works for me, only downside is if you wanna change any IPB default CSS you have to do it through your host file manager, and theres css cache anymore. Hope i can sort this though, rather than this work around.
  6. This one is major for me, when i edit ipb_styles.css, it erases all the data in the css file, which is strange as i used to be able to edit it no problem, now ive heard of suhosin limits and my host has changed them to: suhosin.post.max_value_length = 500000 suhosin.post.max_vars = 5000 suhosin.request.max_vars = 5000 suhosin.request.max_value_length = 500000 but still doesnt work, also tried adding my own php.ini in css folder and admin folder, still same. this happened to me after trying out a tutorial here: http://www.invisionmodding.com/index.php?autocom=tutorials&article=589 i added code to file and css, then wham this happens, but like i say just before this i could edit it to my hearts content, now nothing works, if i revert it comes back to ipb standard css, but if i just click save button without editing, it deletes the content within. It looks like suhosin limits as if i save half the css file it saves, but the same css which worked before doesn't anymore. Please help me, look at the tutorials code see if this would have caused this, if not what else could have? its not suhosin limits as they are set high. thanks in advance. oh and the version in my testing grounds is ipb 3.0.5
  7. Hey, in my testing grounds all is looking good to upgrade, until i noticed ip.downloads auto topic links are all old links and i have no way of rebuilding topics, i have tried rebuilding cache and skin caches, the urls are correct in ip.downloads and general config, and there is no way in ip.downloads settings to rebuild, only fix topics which doesn't do nothing for me. at the moment im doing a str_replace script to change all the links via database, but would be nice to knoe if i'm missing the easy option, which i can't see if i am. Cheers
  8. im waiting for a wiki or tutorial system... :(
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