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  1. Ty for the reply. I will hold off on the seal, I try not to change coding to much cause it makes for to much to do when I upgrade lol. For the last Idea I was just thinking of like a multi purpose platform were it could maybe have side block with these things? Main content area be your goals spot to show those and latest donations etc (don't receive points for donating towards goals).. sidebar be kinda stand alone like block for strictly buying Points. Another block strictly for buying membership packages? Just random Ideas that I think would make the product stand out alot and be useful for every scenario. But then again I still would rather see my old suggestion of Member Rewards giving your Icons (stars or something) based on donation amount that display in topics, board index, and such. But just ideas don't want to put to much on ya. Would request this as custom mod but know your busy.
  2. Is there a way to add some form of payments at register menu kind of like with Subscriptions? For example some donation rewards I have set include permanent group upgrade and I would like to add that as an option to register page. Another thing is paypal seal and such? I like my members to see I am verified I guess because it instills some trust. Couple other things is expanding the splash page. Lets say I have some members who want to strictly but some points and not put it towards a goal or a member wants to donate the amount to get new member group.
  3. Selling IP. Board copy - Expires 06Jan2012 IP. Content - Expires 02Nov2011 vs offer. Sold as package because both are on same account. If wanted I can sell full website http://worldofblizzard.com/ Includes several pre-made skins / mods. Custom header. Pre-built ip content page and more! vs offer.
  4. Love that topic bit addition! Small things like that go a long ways with members :P Great job as always! Hope to still one day see member awards based on donations that displays next to members name throughout forum ;)
  5. Am I just completely overlooking it but wasn't the IPS Calendar Event RSVP and available option for 3.2? I have been adding events and cannot find this option and checked settings.
  6. Just added to my website and very excited to use the new version. I probably overlooked it but was award icons able to be added this version or put off till a different one?
  7. Hope Donation Tracker gets a little priority since it's been a long wait for the update :D
  8. Can't wait to see this on 3.2! Pretty much been on hold waiting for it to release then gonna update my products.
  9. Starting to worry about seeing this product update :P No offense.
  10. Curious of it there are possibly some updates?
  11. Great news Michael. For the donation rewards part I would love it to be set at admin ability to set what amount gets rewards. For example I will be awarding members at these donation amounts: $5 $10 $15 $25 $50 $100 And so on. As far as award images as I talked with you about it before (not sure if your doing it this way and if not I was going to code it on after release) I want my members to be able to have an icon display next to their username within topic_bit along with as being able to be displayed next to their username on the board index on topics they posted in were it has By: Username (Icon) (Time of last post) area. If you need some icons I actually have a full list of star icons my friend made for me awhile back that we use to use with donation tracker back in 2.3 with Dawpi's mod Icon Per Member. Hopefully that was not to confusing lol.
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