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    Europe >> Netherlands >> Nijmegen
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    My interests are going to my love (not my girlfriend) and to PCGround.nl (my site). I'm an Admin of Dutch Computer-Forums.

    Maybe the forums will be in English later :)
  1. Is working on a new EA Games forum :D

  2. Happy Birthday DragonFly!

  3. Well, it's already fixed, but we did nothing to fix it :D
  4. Just 19 years old? Thougt you're older :$

  5. You're first Reputation point is from me :D

  6. Hello, My friend bought IPB3 but when he tries to import a language pack he gets this error: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 20971520 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 5785627 bytes) in /usr/home/deb18962/domains/pcground.nl/public_html/forum/ips_kernel/classXML.php on line 575 What does it means? And how to fix this? Greetz, DragonFly
  7. Jup ook belgs xD kante van Antwerpen :)

  8. Rammstein - Sehnsucht - Live Aus Berlin (Germany)
  9. Flat out right now, remember to remind me lol, before I forget again.

  10. When do you think you will install a test-board? :)

  11. The Office, yeah watch it a lot lol

  12. Well... I'm using Antagonist.nl (Dutch :() but they offer a lot of stuff. 3GB for just
  13. This simple tutorial will learn you how to delete emoticons with FTP . [list=1] [b] [*][/b]You need a FTP-Program. (I reccomend [url="http://filezilla-project.org/"]Filezilla[/url]) [b] [*][/b]Log in to your server with own settings. [b] [*][/b]Go to the path of your forums. [b] [*][/b]Go to [i]style_emoticons[/i] [b] [*][/b]Choose the set you want. Mostly it is '[i]default[/i]' [b] [*][/b]Delete the emoticons that you don't want anymore. [b] [*][/b][i]Your Done![/i] [/list] [i]Greetz, DragonFly[/i] [right][size=1][i]
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