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    I have been away for quite some time. I am back now and figured i would just like to explain my absence. Most know that in feb of last year i was involved in a serious and almost fatal work related accident. Well since Dec of last year i have been involved in undergoin numerous operations and proceedures to try and fix the damage that was done to my hand, to try and get some kind of use out of it. After all the surgeries and proceedures i am no better and have no more use then i did before. So now that im not loopy as all hell form meds all the time i can actually sit down and do things on the computer again. Its good to be back an dlook forward to helpin out anyway i can.
  2. got a psd i can work some magic with it.
  3. well i havent been on as much because i had a semi bad accident. dont mind my typin as once you see the pics you will understand why. i am gonna try to get around a little more often now that i am feeling better and things are workin better for me. if you have a weak stomach these might trigger it. i was workin on a rental house and was cuttin a piece of window trim when the skill saw kicked back and got my hand. so last few weeks i have been going threw alot of therapy and reabilitation to get movement and feeling back from the surgery. i still have about 120 stitches and 2 steel pins. i go back to doctors next tuesday to have xrays done to see if i will need another surgery on my hand to fix any other damage that they can find. hopefully none. i ended up losing the tip of my index finger, and almost lost my thumb completely. so hopefully now that im feeling better and gettin movement back i can be around a little more often to help out with things or what not.
  4. here is my current desktop i make all my own backgrounds so
  5. That did it. thx for the help guys. soon as i turned off the minify it went back to normal. this is a big difference form 2.3.6. but looks cool. Again thx for the help Michael and M4rtin.
  6. i have a error sayin fpassthru() has been disabled for security reasons when i check the script. How would i disable the minify? And yes all those files are there only thing i can think is that the image call function is callin for the images in the wrong folder <br /> 2<b>Warning</b>: fpassthru() has been disabled for security reasons in <b>/home/lxsyxxx/public_html/public/min/lib/Minify/Cache/File.php</b> on line <b>85</b><br /> thats what im seeing when i use firebug in ff. idk whats up with that but it worked fine at first then all o of a sudden poof it quit.
  7. K heres what was done. I installed a version of this on a test site before doing a upgrade for a site since this is all new. Everything was fine when i did it all. Added some mods, couple skins to it. Well i shut it down and sent the client the link for them to check out the board. About 20 mins ago i went back to the board and member dropdown is dropped down permanently. When you go to the acp menu its like its in lofi mode instead of showing all the images. Any idea of what the issue is? And where and what to do to fix this. I searched through IPS but couldnt find anything yet since this a pretty new release. I have attached 2 images to show you what i am talking about. This is the acp menu ----------------------------- This is the board view of the member tab, always stays open -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. 80 Gigs Space Unlimited Databases unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited FTP Accounts Unlimited Email Accounts 24/7 support ticket system Cpanel X Fantastico 30 Day Guarantee thats my reseller i offer for 20 usd a month. and i own the server. need more then that i can accomodate anything
  9. it is out and available at his site. its approximately 31 dollars usd or 20 pounds 25 pounds with copyright removal. {warez link removed} you do have to sign up and join. I went searchin and found his site. and purchased this mod. it is a awesome mod if you run numerous stations or even just one.
  10. i have seen a few sites with this issue. but no matter what ya do the error you get is that the uploads folder isnt chmodded to 777 even though it is. All the settings are correct and links are correct but still recieives the chmod error
  11. is this available yet for trial? i host approximately 8 stations and wouldnt mind givin this a shot to see what it can do.I currently have a radio setup for all stations. its a flash component though and does not use any part of IPB config. You can also add asmany stations as you liek with 12 different skins. Here is a ss
  12. Sounds like you need to add a archive feature to it. So that when you look up all the past donations it shows all donations archived from previous goals.
  13. Ive asked abotu this mod for montsh on invision moddin but no one would ever respond till michael did. i made numerous attempts to get a responce. Finaly my 3rd topic about it he responded to it.
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    k np . there arent mine but i was talkin about free skins
  15. MrAzzhole


    I just have a simple question. lol i was wondering if i culd add some skins for downloading. have quite a few. about 400 or more. just not sure on how to go about doin it. Same with the modifications. If this is allowed i would be glad to share them.
  16. i am pretty good with gfx if ya want send me details as far as sizes and design oyu would like and i will see what i can come up with.i can use the default icosn from the skin or make custom ones. same with the banners. A few examples of my work. lol dont mind what they say it was what the client wanted. Just 2 ive done form ib skins
  17. Thx again for this. lookin forward to seein it in action again.
  18. i found it by Michaels sig on Invision moddin lol
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