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  1. Hi I posted in this section


    I need help with your wetweet add on for ipb I cant get it to display anything from twitter and I have activated all from ACp and so on.


  2. Classifieds System Avalable

  3. pffft ...modders....looks to me like you been demoted :D

  4. <if="$this->settings['srd23_ft_on'] == 1"> ? thats my settings.... but for which mod of mine? maybe i can give you more help
  5. If I was a door I could :P

  6. The original issue this topic was opened for has been resolved :) Or there has been no response. If your still having trouble please open a new topic.
  7. See Egypt hasn't eaten you yet !!! lol

  8. coreVariable.php Should have this if ( $_REQUEST['showsecurity'] ) { $_RESET['app'] = 'fg'; $_RESET['module'] = 'logs'; $_RESET['section'] = 'security'; } furlTemplate.php 'showsecurity' => array( 'app' => 'fg', 'allowRedirect' => 1, 'out' => array( '#app=fg&showsecurity#i', 'fg/security' ), 'in' => array( 'regex' => "#/fg/security#i", 'matches' => array( array( 'app' , 'fg' ), array( 'module' , 'logs' ), array( 'section' , 'security' ) ) ) ), Then Template <a href='{parse url="showsecurity" seotitle="security" template="showsecurity" base="publicWithApp"}'>Security</a> Final link will be http://ursite.com/fg/security
  9. Hi

    Can you sen me an email so I can send you some requirements to check out



  10. yep i did that but thought there was a faster way thanks martiniez!
  11. is it possible toexport the database tables and fields used in application? or do i must write themmanually in MyApp/sql/ directory?
  12. To Get your Application to be SEO friendly create file called "furlTemplates.php" in you application extensions folder The File content should look like this [code] <?php //FURL Apps $_SEOTEMPLATES = array('app=myapp' => array('app' => 'myapp', 'allowRedirect' => 1, 'out' => array( '#app=myapp$#i', 'myapp/' ), 'in' => array( 'regex' => "#/myapp/?$#i", 'matches' => array( array( 'app', 'myapp' ) ) ) ), ); [/code] Replace myapp with your application name then loginto ACP as soon as you login you will see a link says FURL Cache outdated Click that and you will get an FURLed appy! examples: http://ibmafia.com/sitemaps/ http://ibmafia.com/contact/
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